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American Board of Medical Hypnosis

The Application Process

Who Can Apply?

Candidates for the American Board of Medical Hypnosis  (and all the American Boards of Clinical Hypnosis) need to meet the criteria for Approved Consultants through ASCH:

Be a licensed physician in good standing and hold active board certification in her or his medical specialty

Be able to document at least five years  - since first ASCH-  SCEH- or equivalent approved training - of clinical hypnosis experience in practice.

Have fully achieved the minimum requirements for the ASCH Approved Consultant or equivalent training.


What Makes an Application?

·        An Application Form

·        A check or money order in the amount of $450 (US funds only) made out to the American Board of Medical Hypnosis

·        A Curriculum Vitae (helps to highlight hypnosis-related stuff)

·        Documentation of education and training in hypnosis: dates, hours, locations, sponsors, certificates

·        Learning with Approved Consultants, mentoring relationships

·        Hypnosis teaching including lectures, webinars, workshops etc. with dates, location, type of Descriptions of supervision and consultant work with other professionals

·        Hypnosis Publications, audio-, video-recordings

·        Contributions to the lay media

·        Letter of recommendation from a professional colleague in the applicant’s medical community familiar with the applicant’s practice.

·        Two recent photographs (at least 5 X 7 inches)

·        A video recording of a clinical encounter using hypnosis that meets the following criteria:

ü      Representative of your usual application of hypnosis for a clinical problem in your practice.

ü      Two sessions with a patient, one reflecting initial introduction to hypnosis and a second, later employing more advanced techniques or strategies.

ü      A 1-2 page synopsis highlighting the clinical history, the rationale for the hypnotic approach that is employed and any relevant controversies in the use of hypnosis for this type of problem.

ü      A written release given by the patient and guardian (if a minor)


By When?

·        Examination is (currently) offered once a year at the ASCH Annual Meeting and Workshops .

·        Deadline for completed application must be submitted to the President or Secretary/Treasurer of the ABMH no later than 1-month prior to the first day of the ASCH Annual Meeting .

·        The application will be considered completed and the applicant accepted to sit for the Examination only after it is reviewed by the Secretary/Treasurer and found to be satisfactory.  The Secretary/Treasurer may request additional review of the application by other officers of the ABMH.

·        The dates, times, and locations of the Examination will not be scheduled until a completed application has been received, reviewed and found complete. 

·        Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will be returned to the applicant.

·        SO….you really ought to have the application materials submitted by the end of the previous calendar year to give us time.